Daily Archive: October 28, 2013

TUG 2013 3

TUG 2013 – Day 1

I just returned from the TUG 2013 in Tokyo, a great event. Here are my personal comments on the different presentations and activities, starting with the first day. First the cold facts: 4 days,...


はじめの書道 My first calligraphy

先週のの遠足の時初めて書道触れた。その前筆を使う事がただ一度だった。今回自分で墨を作ってから、練習した。難しかった。思ったよりすごく難しかった!一回自分でやると、書道先生の天才を少しわかってきた。好きになったから、絶対に書道練習を続ける。 During last weeks we had the opportunity to try out calligraphy. Before that time I had touched a calligraphic pen only once. This time we could make our own ink and train writing....