New Debian TeX Live upload

TeX Live/DebianToday I have uploaded a new release of Debian TeX Live. The current release is based on TeX Live’s tlnet as of 2013-09-05, and the Debian release is 2013.20130905-1.

Besides the usual bunch of updates of all kind of packages, the following changes are mentioned in the changelogs:


  • don’t ship strange duplicates of Nimbus Sans
  • do not ship marvosym.ttf via dependency
  • fix some man page errors
  • stop shipping TeX Gyre Math fonts, they are in tex-gyre package


  • fix siunitx typo
  • add a latexdef -> texdef link
  • some adaptions of dependencies
  • depend on fonts-font-awesome instead of shipping it


This release reintroduces a bunch of transitional packages (all kind of texlive-lang-* and texlive-doc-*) to ease upgrade from the version in stable.

I stopped reading after reading the subject. Not sure if you get why, oh, my. …

It also, hopefully, finally allows after two months that the current release enters into testing, which was blocked since ages by debian-edu-doc‘s bug #709758, which sparkled some nasty discussion on the bug and the debian-devel mailing list. A honorable mentioning goes to the Debian Developer who answered my questions with a poem – or better, he responded to my requests with a poem, but without answering. How great poets we have in Debian! I really feel proud of being a part of it.

In addition, also texinfo has been updated to not FTBFS with new perl 5.18 which has entered Debian/unstable recently.


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