Debian TeX Live release 2013.20130722-1

TeX Live/DebianYesterday I have uploaded a set of new packages for TeX Live to the Debian archive. The release is based on the tlnet checkout from 2013-07-22. Version number is 2013.20130722-1. This is the first update after the TeX Live freeze, so it brings in about two month of package updates from the TeX Live side, and lots of new packages. Besides that, the following bugs are fixed:

  • update tlmgr for proper operation in user mode when fonts maps are installed
  • fix texcount to work with verbatim
  • respect TMPDIR in pdfjam
  • several inter-package dependencies

An update for texlive-bin is also upcoming, which brings fixes for luatex on x86, and a slightly newer metapost.

Users of sid should get immediate access to these packages, users of testing will have to wait a bit longer.

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