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Kobo DRM removal on Linux

Finally it has been done – to remove the DRM of a Kobo eBook one does not need to switch to Windows or Mac anymore, deal with the brain-dead Kobo Desktop app, etc etc. The only thing you need is a Kobo device! DRM is evil, we know that, please read up on DRM protection here. I wrote about the […]

Kobo firmware 3.18.0 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts)

In short succession a new firmware from Kobo, this time 3.18.0. And here is my mega-update. On request from a reader I have now prepared updates for all three hardwares, Mark4 (Glo), Mark5 (Aura), and Mark6 (GloHD). Changes since last release: KSM updated to latest pre-release pre3 koreader updated to v2014.11-346 from September 19, 2015 customdict scripting update via run.sh […]

Kobo Japanese Dictionary Enhancer 1.1

Lots of releases in quick succession – the new brings multi-dictionary support and merged translation support. Using the Wadoku project’s edict2 database we can now add also German translations. Looking at the numbers, we have now 326064 translated entries when using the English edict2, and 368943 translated entries when using the German Wadoku edict version. And more than that, as […]

Kobo Japanese Dictionary Enhancer 1.0

I have just released a wastly improved new version of the . It allows you to enhance the Kobo Japanese dictionary with English translations. The new version provides now 326064 translated entries, which covers most non-compound words, including Hiragana. In my daily life reading Harry Potter and some other books in Japanese, I haven’t found many untranslated words by now. […]

Japanese-English dictionary for Kobo

Since ever the Kobo firmwares also allowed downloading of a bunch of dictionaries, most of which I don’t need. As I am fluent in most languages I read and write, the only real dictionary I would like to see is a Japanese-English (I don’t dare asking for a Japanese-German). Unfortunately, Kobo never shipped one. OTOH, starting with firmware 3.16.10 they […]

Kobo firmware 3.15.0 plus mega update (KSM, kobohack, patch, ssh, …)

As with previous version, I have prepared a mega update for the Kobo firmware 3.15.0, including all my favorite patches and features. Please see details for and . As before, the following addons are included: Kobo Start Menu, koreader, coolreader, pbchess, ssh access, custom dictionaries. So what are all these items: firmware (thread): the basic software of the device, shipped […]

Kobo firmware 3.8.0 and kobohack-j 140823 and library patching

After a retracted firmware (3.5.0), an intermediate firmware (3.7.0) targetting the new unit H2O, there is now a new firmware for all devices (3.8.0). This firmware includes support that was previously available in patched kernels, namely adjustment of the brightness with finger slides. As always, the update procedure is well documented, see tag Kobo. Firmware Links to the firmware are […]