Monthly Archive: April 2017


Leaving for BachoTeX 2017

Tomorrow we are leaving for TUG 2017 @ BachoTeX, one of the most unusual and great series of conferences (BachoTeX) merged with the most important series of TeX conference (TUG). I am looking forward...



春になると山菜の季節に入る。今年も福井県の友人と大野市の牧場へ行ってきた。目的が2つあった:ピクニックと山菜。その後自宅で豪華な山菜夕食を食べて、いっぱいの美味しいお酒を飲みながら遅くまで喋った。幸せな時間だ。 このような季節はずっと続いてくれたらうれしい。 emailPrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinFlattr


TeX Live 2017 pretest started

Preparations for the release of TeX Live 2017 have started a few days ago with the freeze of updates in TeX Live 2016 and the announcement of the official start of the pretest period....


Gaming: Firewatch

A nice little game, Firewatch, puts you into a fire watch tower in Wyoming, with only a walkie-talkie connecting him to his supervisor Delilah. A so called “first person mystery adventure” with very nice...


Calibre on Debian

Calibre is the prime open source e-book management program, but the Debian releases often lag behind the official releases. Furthermore, the Debian packages remove support for rar packed e-books, which means that several comic...


Stella Stejskal – Im Mezzanin

A book about being woman, mother in a modern but still traditional society. About happiness and fulfillment, love and sex, responsibility and dependency, about life: Stella Stejskal‘s Im Mezzanin (in German). Written by a...


Planet Earth I – From Pole to Pole

In preparation for watching the new Planet Earth II (BBC page, Wiki) by David Attenborough, I re-watched the original 2006 BBC Planet Earth, episode one, From Pole to Pole, fortunately it is now available...


Gaming: Quern – Undying Thoughts

I have been an addict of Myst like games since the very beginning. Solving mind boggling riddles by logical means (instead of weapons) was always my preferred gaming. And it seems 2016 had a...