The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – refugees acceptance

Coming from a country that has taken lots of refugees, especially in the years after the second world war (although not any more), and while living in Japan still feeling connected to Europe and what is going on there, the current situation of refugees from the near east gives lots of material to think about. One of these things recently was passed around on various SNS sites. It is about the number of refugees a “country can accept”.


The situation is difficult, and after an initial wave of empathy it seems that especially governments are retracting and trying to stop the influx of refugees:

We cannot accommodate any more refugees in Europe, that’s not possible.
Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France

I am well aware about the difficult situation in Europe, and consider the dealing with the refugee crisis the biggest challenge of these decade.

In this blog, without many words, I only want to focus on how Japan deals with refugees. Europe might be bad, but Japan – I am bare of words.

Lebanon European Community Japan
Population 4.467.000 (2013) 503.000.000 127.300.000 (2013)
Refugees 2015 ~1.000.000 850.000 27
Ratio 4.4 : 1 590 : 1 4714814 : 1

Sources of the data:

No words are necessary.

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