CJK fonts and Ghostscript: cjk-gs-integrate release 20160115.0

I have made a new release of cjk-gs-integrate, the script that searches for all kind of CJK fonts, and makes them available to Ghostscript (and if asked for also to TeX by linking). The update has been uploaded to CTAN (link) and it will land in TeX Live within the next days.


Changes made in this version are mostly related to link handling and removal:

  • fix link names of otf font links
  • safer remove option
  • ensure that we don’t create circular links

For more explanations concerning how to run cjk-gs-integrate, please see the dedicated page: CJK fonts and Ghostscript integration.

For feedback and bug reports, please use the github project page.


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  1. 2016/01/16

    […] CJK fonts and Ghostscript: cjk-gs-integrate release 20160115.0 […]

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